Wake up to stunning views over San Francisco Bay at San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf Hostel. House in historic Fort Mason at the edge of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, one of California's most beautiful and diverse National Parks, the hostel sits right on the waterfront looking out to Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Offering a range of accommodation options including shared dorms and private rooms, the hostel has free Wi-Fi, on-site restaurant which serves free breakfast and up to three meals a day, spacious guest lounge with wood-burning stove, theatre-style TV room, self-serve kitchen and an outdoor deck where you can enjoy the beautiful bay views.

Take a beautiful bayside morning walk or ride along the footpaths that run from the hostel, and be sure to take advantage of hostel’s daily activities including pub-crawls, walking tours and day trips to Napa Wine Country or the gorgeous Yosemite Valley.

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While in room 24 we were lucky enough to be woken up every morning, around 7 am, by the painters directly outside. On returning back to our room one day we found that someone had come in and opened the curtains to allow a clear view of all our possessions to the 3x painters on ladders leaning directly on the window - I was whistled at and felt extremely uncomfortable (needless to say, the nap we had planned and definitely needed did not occur). The heater also did not work, we were freezing!


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Thu 04 Feb 2016

It is an historic building, so making the wash areas modern would be a challenge. Love the location. May want to let people know about the staircase to the East that makes it easier to get to the hostel.


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Wed 03 Feb 2016

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Vesubio, un bar bonito

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Thu 19 Mar 2015

Where next?


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Thu 19 Mar 2015