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Twentytú is the “new hostel”; hostel of the new generation and a symbol of sustainability, innovation, security and comfort, with a very economical prices. It has received an A in energy efficiency by the European certification.

The hostel is located in a central location in the 22@ technological district, very close to the beach and Born district, touristic destination par excellence that stands out for its own authenticity and its unique environment. Only three stops from the center of Barcelona, Plaça Catalunya.



ドミトリー(相部屋) - 1ベッド1名様のご宿泊料金です。


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  • 追加で発生した税金については、チェックイン時にお支払いいただけます。
  • ご到着時刻の 3 日々 時間前に 1 泊のご予約をキャンセル された場合、 1 泊分のキャンセル料を申し受けます。
  • ご到着時刻の3 日々時間前に2泊のご予約をキャンセル された場合、2泊分のキャンセル料を申し受けます。
  • チェックインの際には政府発行の写真付き身分証明書をお提示いただく必要があります。
  • メンバーシップカードはご到着時にご購入いただけます。
  • 表示価格はホステリングインターナショナルやナショナル·ユースホステル協会のメンバー価格です。
  • メンバーシップカードをお持ちでない方は一泊EUR2.05の追加料金をホステル到着時にお支払いください。
  • ペットの同伴はできません。
  • ご利用料金やお部屋タイプ、ご利用内容は予告なく変更になる場合があります。




  • 談話室
  • ゲーム室
  • テレビルーム
  • ビリヤード(プールテーブル/スヌーカーテーブル)
  • テラス/中庭


  • エレベーター/リフト
  • 車椅子用


  • 自動販売機

設備 - インターネットアクセス

  • コンピューター
  • Computer Charges - 無料
  • Wi-Fi
  • WIFI Charges - 無料

設備 - 中 - ホステルのサービス

  • 空調
  • 空調タイプ - 選択したエリア内
  • 近くのパーキング
  • Car Parking Nearby Distance - ホステル内もしくは隣接
  • 世界の HI ホステルを予約できるブッキングセンター
  • 会議施設
  • レンタサイクル
  • 自転車収納庫
  • ランドリー施設
  • 図書館/書籍交換
  • 利用可能なロッカー
  • ロッカータイプ - レセプションにて
  • 手荷物室
  • 手荷物室空室状況 - ホステルのレセプション時間に利用可
  • スポーツ器具収納庫
  • スポーツ器具収納庫タイプ - スキー
  • トラベル/ツアーデスク







  • Sagrada Família (1 ~ 2km)
  • Playa (1 ~ 2km)




■ 立地 空港から遠い 周りに飲食店があまりない スーパーマーケットあり 夜は若干怖いかも(なにもなかったけど) ■ 設備 洗濯機(有料)、乾燥機(有料) キッチンあり  →結構綺麗でした 朝食5ユーロ WiFiあり  →ストレスなく使用できるレベル 屋上あり  →屋上からサクラダファミリアが見えます


Avatar for TSUTOMU


火 10 十二月 2019

Hello TSUTOMU, thank you to write us! We're glad you enjoyed our common areas, we try to offer to our guests the best services to make you feel at home and comfortable. We offer a laundry service, but of course is not free. We're an eco low cost Hostel, and we offer the services included in this kind of establishment, but in Barcelona there're some services which are not included in nowhere. Twentytú is located in the most technological area in Barcelona, so it's an area where lives an important companies. We have a big shopping center, Les Glòries, where you can arrive in 10 minutes walking, and there're 7 restaurants around us. So, you have options where you can eat and buy food or everything. You have to know that the airport isn't in Barcelona city, so you need 30 minutes minimum to arrive to the city (center, our district and everywhere). Hope to see you again soon ;) Twentytú Team

Manager avatar

Josep Aguilar,

木 12 十二月 2019

Twentytú Hostel is in a neighbourhood of Barcelona that is in great development and is changing a lot. Many new buildings and public spaces are very close. The hostel would like to be very ecofriendly, but it is rather a mistake that the breakfast room is in the basement without any access to direct sunlight.


Avatar for Jan


火 01 十月 2019

Hello Jan, thank you for your comment! We're glad you had a good stay with us, our staff works every day to offer the best services to our guests to make you feel at home and comfortable. We're a Hi-tech Hostel in the most technological area in Barcelona, it's nice that you valorated this! In Twentytú Hostel we've the latest technology installed in our building to reduce the environmental impact and to use the resources in a efficient way. But the distribution of common rooms depends on the space in the building, it's about the architecture and sometimes it's difficult to organize everything in the best way. However, we've a big terrace where you can take a breath and enjoy the sun. Come back soon, we'll be waiting for you ;) Twentytú Team

Manager avatar

Josep Aguilar,

木 03 十月 2019

Un personnel qui sait être à l'écoute et rendre service


Avatar for Stéphane


木 22 八月 2019

Hello, thank you for your comment! We're happy you liked our staff, we work everyday to make our best. We hope you had a good experience in Twentytú Hostel. Come back soon, Twentytú is your home ;) Twentytú Team

Manager avatar

Josep Aguilar,

土 24 八月 2019

The location was in a pretty unpleasant area and far from downtown. We were pretty uncomfortable walking back at night. Otherwise very happy with it, very clean and green and comfortable. The elevators and stairwells were stifling, need some air circulation. Breakfast and common area were nice, roof was lovely. Not much social stuff happening.


Avatar for Diana


月 19 八月 2019

Hello, thank you for your comment! We're glad you had a good experience in Twentytú, we try to make our best to make our guests feel at home. In Twentytú you can share all the common areas to meet new people and you can enjoy our daily activities, the social life in our hostel is constant and powerful. All the rooms and common areas have air-conditioning, so sorry forthe incident about the elevators and stairs, but it's difficult to installed and airco in these areas. Twentytú is located in the most technological area in Barcelona and we've emblematic monuments very close, like Agbar Tower and Encants Market. This area is growing up every day, there're some area under constructions but it isn't a dangerous area. Hope to see you again soon ;) Twentytú Team

Manager avatar

Josep Aguilar,

水 21 八月 2019





  • 海岸 (500m ~ 1km)
  • 街の中心 (2 ~ 3km)
  • サイクルトレイル (ホステル内もしくは隣接)
  • ジム (500m 未満)
  • 地域市場
  • 山岳地帯 (10km 以上)
  • 美術館/アートギャラリー
  • Distance to National / State park (1 ~ 2km)
  • ナイトライフ (500m ~ 1km)
  • 公園/緑地 (ホステル内もしくは隣接)
  • レストラン
  • ショッピングエリア/ショッピングモール (500m ~ 1km)
  • スーパーマーケット/食料品店 (500m ~ 1km)
  • 劇場 (500m 未満)


There is a public bus “Aerobús” company coming out directly from the gateway airport arrival area to the center of Barcelona Plaza de Cataluña where you can take the subway line L1 only three stops and you will reach Marina station. The journey takes 35 minutes.
The nearest metro station is L1 Marina or Las Glorias 6 minutes walk
From Sants station: Take line 3 (green line) to España stop then switch to red line (L1) and in the third stop you will reach. The journey is about 20 minutes.


  • アスレチック
  • サイクリング
  • ダンス
  • サッカー



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