Comfortable accommodation in the centre of the historical town - Tabor - South Bohemia.
The gently undulating region of the Tábor Uplands is an ideal spot to spend a pleasant holiday. There are a number of popular sites in the region including castles (Kotnov Castle in Tábor, the ruins of Kozí hrádek in the close vicinity, Starý zámek near Borotín, Šelmberk, Choustník, Příběnice…), chateaux (Bechyně Chateau, Červená Lhota on the boundary of the Tábor and Jindřichův Hradec regions) and unique technical works (the Stádlec Chain Bridge). Flat marshland lies to the south west of Tábor, with examples of typical South Bohemian folk architecture, peat bogs and extensive forests. The countryside around Tábor offers ideal conditions for hiking, cycling or horseback riding. Other places to visit in the region include interesting natural sites – Chýnov Cave, The Botanical Gardens in Tábor or the educational trail at Borkovická blata (marshlands). The Lužnice River, which meanders through the entire region, invites you to take a trip by canoe or to enjoy a quiet spot of fishing. The Tábor region is full of lakes, that are largely used for recreation. Caravan parks, hut colonies and water sports camp sites line the banks of the river and many lakes.

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