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The four main islands of Japan present a great variety of landscapes and attractions. Hokkaido offers walking and skiing in the Daisetsuzan National Park, with its mountains, volcanoes, lakes and forests. Honshu boasts the modern wonders of Tokyo, the ancient temples and gardens of Kyoto and the stunning seascapes of the Noto–Hanto Peninsula. Shikoku is a window into Japan's rural heritage, with farmlands, orange groves and Samurai castles. Kyushu provides spectacular mountain scenery and active volcanoes in the Kirishima National Park. In Japan you can be amazed by hi–tech innovation and architecture, hike through forests and soak in hot springs. You can drink sake, see a performance of sumo wrestling and learn how to eat sushi politely. With a vast network of hostels, there is enormous scope for exploring this richly packed country. Accommodation varies from modern buildings to Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines.