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Italy for food-lovers

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Italy, the country that invented food legends such as pizza, ice-cream and pasta, is guaranteed to provide you with an adventure for the taste-buds. Stay at one of our Italian hostels and you’ll find yourself indulging in culinary delights from your wildest dreams. Head to Naples for the most mouth-watering margherita pizza – the dish was supposedly created for the Queen of Savoy in 1889 to represent Italy’s red, white and green flag. Florence is the place to go for the best gelato (Italian ice-cream) – a multitude of flavours and colours greet you at the counter, tempting you to try them all. Eat some fresh pasta in Bologna – this city gave the world lasagne and tortellini. The floating city, Venice, serves a delicious array of fish, always caught fresh that day. And Rome is proud of its Pizza Bianca: focaccia-style salted bread cooked in the fragrant bakeries that dot the city.