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Dordogne, France, is one of the most beautiful regions in the country and is famous for its classic French scenery. It is studded with medieval villages, majestic chateaus, prehistoric ruins and forests shrouded in mystery. Stay at our hostel within the grounds of Cadouin Abbey on the UNESCO World Heritage route of Santiago de Compostela; which holds an 11th century Egyptian shroud, rumoured to have been worn by Christ. Or meander through the narrow, medieval streets of Brive-la-Gaillarde, taking in the Renaissance architecture and atmospheric outdoor eateries. Explore the fascinating Lascaux caves which feature pre-historic paintings of animals, said to date back 17,000 years. Wander through a bustling French market, spotting a domestic flock of geese waddle past you and smelling the inviting scent of fresh bread drifting from the stalls. Float along the Dordogne River in a canoe, past chateaus, lush green countryside and rocky cliffs, and hike through enchanting fairytale forests where ancient ruins are slowly being masked by nature.