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10 Hostels em Seoul Consulte o Guia de Destino

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South Korea's capital city, Seoul, swells with the density of its mind-blowing 37.4 million population. It’s a city of stark contrasts – old-fashioned wooden houses next to grey and unattractive apartment buildings, towering skyscrapers and incredible architectural feats – a nod to the rapid growth Seoul has recently been through. Visit Gyeongbok Palace, Korea’s most famous royal palace – built in the 14th century, it’s been destroyed and rebuilt many times but still retains a majestic air. Stroll through Bukchon Village and observe the largest collection of picturesque, traditional wooden houses in Seoul. Explore the now world-famous district of Gangnam, an exclusive and affluent place which, only a few decades ago, was nothing but rice fields. Escape the overwhelming pace of life and head to the surrounding mountains – hike up Bugaksan and see the ancient city fortress. An assault on the senses at every turn, Seoul is a hostel experience like no other.