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Membership Terms 097230

You must present your membership card at the front desk when using the hostels in and outside of Japan. Youth hostel membership fee applies.

Youth hostel information in Japan:

Overseas youth hostel information:

You can also receive discount benefits for youth hostel members alliances with youth hostel associations from different countries.

Discount benefits in Japan: http: //

Discount privilege information of the world: https: //


■ Excerpt of Youth Hostel Membership Certificate (Extract)

1. Issuance of Youth Hostel membership card ("Membership Card")

The membership card will be issued to those who agree with the purpose of the Youth Hostel operation conducted by the Japan Youth Hostel Association and who have registered as members through prescribed procedures (hereinafter referred to as "members").

2. Compliance with regulations

Members must comply with the rules of youth hostels when using youth hostels.

3. Mobile obligation of membership card

The membership card certifies that this is a member of the association, and whenever you use a youth hostel or participate in activities or events of a youth hostel, you must carry it by yourself. Also, you can not use this other than those who are registered in the membership card.

If a member forgets to bring a membership card or does not present it although it is asked to present a membership card, even if it is clear that the member card holder is a member, it is regarded as a non-member.

4. Confidentiality of membership card

In addition to the serious misconduct specified in the Hostelling International Agreement, the membership card may hurt the honor of the Association, cause annoyance to others, or if the fraudulent name, address, etc. are stated in the membership card, the association or youth Sometimes confiscated by the hostel.

5. Effect of membership card

Membership cards are valid for all hostel associations that are members of Hostelling International.

Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if there are rules specifically prescribed by Hostelling International and Member Associations, it shall be followed.

The group pass is effective when the leader of the leader of the group or institution (18 years old and over) has 10 or more leaders. (For domestic use, personal responsibility for leadership officials is also acceptable)

6. Validity period

The expiration date of the membership card shall be one year from the date of issue (with the exception of life memberships).



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