This Old Place International YH

No.5, Rongtan Rd, Xingping, Guilin, Yangshuo, 541906, China


総合評価 70%

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スタッフ 80%
清潔さ 60%
ロケーション 100%
安全性 80%
サービス 60%
快適さ 40%
グリーン評価 60%

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Yangshuo ホステル

ホステル Yangshuo

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Why stay in the city.... when the riverside is SO AMAZING!

Just 27 km outside of touristhotspot Yangshuo you will find the 'This Old Place Int’l Youth Hostel', a very unique youth hostel. We live in a small town named Xingping which has 1740 years old. It has the most beautiful riverview of the whole li-river erea. For this reason the riverside of Xingping is printed on the picture of the back the Chinese 20 yuan note. Our hostel is just located 50 meters away from Xingping port. So from some rooms’ balcony you may see the amazing riverview just the picture on the back the Chinese 20 yuan note. In July 2008 we opened.

You may take the bus from Yangshuo to Xingping in Yangshuo bus station. It takes 45 minutes and charges 7 yuan RMB. From 6 am to 7:30 pm every 15 minutes there is one bus starting from Yangshuo to Xingping.

All our rooms (except the 4 bed dorm)have a private bathroom with western style toilet. The rooms are spacious and nicely decorated with woodcarvings. Some rooms have the big wooden balcony with rocking chair and you may enjoy rocking back and forth seeing the sunset.

Many travellers/expats in China are delighted to come and stay at the most beautiful riverside. After travelling many big cities people are hungry for fresh air and amazing views. At the rooftop bar people will see the wonderful riverview, fabulous old town and superb sunset.

Our cooks can make the original Italian woodfired pizza.In the evening the common room is a perfect place to enjoy great dinners and to meet other travellers. You can also watch movies, read and exchange books, play pooltable, fussball and use the internet.

The best way to explore the area is when you go slow; so either go hiking, cycling or on a bambooraft. Your adventure begins the minute you step out of the 'This Old Place Int’l Youth Hostel'.

Give yourself a break, finally get some rest on the Chinese countryside. While travelling China you probabely already saw or will see many big big cities. Now this rural setting is a big opportunity for a change!



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  • チェックインの際には政府発行の写真付き身分証明書をお提示いただく必要があります。
  • 大変申し訳ございませんが、5歳未満のお子様はご宿泊いただくことはできません。
  • 18歳未満のお子様は親または法定保護者の同伴が必要となります。
  • 歳未満のお子様は、親または法定保護者を伴わない限り、ドミトリーへご宿泊いただくことができません。
  • メンバーシップカードはご到着時にご購入いただけます。
  • 客室料金はメンバーシップカードをお持ちでないお客様の場合です。
  • 価格と商品は常に正しいものをご提供していますが、チェックアウトの間に変更になる場合があります




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Tel. 0773-8702887 0773-8701887

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Wir hatten zwei Buchungen hintereinander: ein besseres Zimmer, ein schlechteres. Wir mussten jedoch die ganze Zeit im schlechteren bleiben. Außerdem waren Ratten im Gemeinschaftsraum und Müllberge am Hinterausgang. Zimmer sehr klein. Super waren die Ausflugstipps über das Hostel, die Pizza und die Dachterasse.


Avatar for Nick


日 02 九月 2018

Nous sommes une famille de 4 en tour du monde. Nous sommes resté une semaine. C'était très bien. La location de vélo, le services de lessives, emplacement idéal pour partir en rando ! Nous avons beaucoup aimé. Nous vous recommandons aussi très très fortement le restaurant the old place, situé dans les rues pietonnes, les jus frais sont excellent et les plats très bon ! Attention il y a des hotels en cours de construction autour. Pour la vue sur la riviere LI... Oublié !


Avatar for LOIC


土 03 十二月 2016

The only thing I did not give full marks for was good for comfort because it was a bit damp. I don't really think this was the hostel's fault though as there was a lot of rain. This is a lovely friendly atmospheric place - I'll be back!


Avatar for Geoff


日 27 三月 2016

We had an awesome trip to Xingping, and the location of the hostel was very convenient for all of our activities. We especially enjoyed the bike rental service! The initial room we booked was very damp and musty, but we were able to change rooms and pay the fee difference. FYI, 6-bed dorm was the musty one - we think it's the only 6-bed room they have. The 4-bed dorm was much better and only cost us 5 yuan more per night per bed, with ensuite and a view. If that's in your budget, it's worth it.


Avatar for Hannah


日 22 十一月 2015

Dear guest, Thank you for staying with us, we are so sorry about the room which you felt uncomfortable,since it's old of the 6 bed dorm,now we close it to decorator,it will be better in 3 months.Thank you for your suggest.

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Xingping This Old Place,

火 24 十一月 2015

The hostel is very nice. The cafe and pizza are a nice touch, and the proximity to the river and hikes is excellent. However, it is very quiet. It is not a party atmosphere. I was hoping to watch the Rugby World Cup final and there was no way for me to do it at the hostel, or any nearby bar. Still, an excellent place to put your head for a night or two.


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火 10 十一月 2015





  • ハイキング/ウォーキングトレイル
  • 山岳地帯
  • レストラン
  • 川/港/湖


120km to Guilin Liangjiang airport 120km
Buses are available from the airport and the train staton
The hostel is located just beside Xingping port.
Taxi's available from the airport
92km to Guilin Railway station


This Old Place International YH