Penghu - Penghu Moncsor Youth Hostel

No.10 Ln. 27 Minyu St., Penghu, Chinese Taipei


We are in the top 10 highest ranked hostels in Taiwan located on a beautiful Penghu Island.

  • ドミトリー(相部屋)
    から $16.21
  • プライベートルーム (個室利用)
    から $38.92

Penghu ユースホステル

ユースホステル Penghu

Hostelling International


Penghu Moncsor Hostel, located on the outskirt of Magong City, is a recognized provider of safe, affordable accommodation. It is about 15 minutes to get to Magong Airport and 3~5 minutes to get to Magong Downtown (Jhongjheng Rd. Commerical Area) or neighboring tourist attractions, such as Penghu Living Museum, Magong Harbor, Guanu-Yin-Ting, Fisherman’s Wharf, Star of Jyudao. The hostel is (within walking distance) close to famous hotels, such as Pescadores Hotel, Penghu; and Dolphin Bay Resort. There is a 7-11 convenience store in front of the Hostel.
The southeast-facing hostel is a 4-story purple-colored townhouse, with 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The hostel can accommodate 21 tourists. Besides, we offer 1) a free parking area, 2) a recreation area (with a PC with Internet access and free Wi-Fi service), 3) a dining area, and 4) a DIY-guest kitchen (complete with kitchen appliances, utensils etc.) - we do not provide breakfast.
There are three types of rooms from which to choose: backpackers-rooms (bunk beds), a comfort-room ( a double-bed) and a triple-room (a bunk bed with a single-bed). All the rooms have a view of the beauty and serenity of the neighborhood. The hostel has the maximum capacity for 21 guests. Cozy hostel suffuses Chinese taste, and the newly refurbished rooms (with door chain, personal locker for safety first ) are a good choice for budget-minded travelers to Penghu. The rent is varied based on the type of the room (please check the prices as below).
Hope all of you can have a wonderful trip in Penghu. If you want to choose Penghu Moncsor Hostel, it will be our honor to take care of you. Our number one priority is giving all of our guests an excellent holiday in Penghu. Our philosophy is to offer simple accommodation in clean and homey rooms for a budget price.
Feel free to contact us. For more information about the rooms. Please click the link.

We offer separate floors and rooms for boys and girls. All the rooms (with
free Wi-Fi) are lockable and with a door chain to ensure your safety. There
are three different rooms, which are air-conditioned and well furnished with
modern facilities – such as small-item lockers with combination lock.

(1)one comfort-room (a double-bed), with bath (shower, WC)
(2)four backpackers- rooms (bunk-beds), with/without bath (shower, WC)
(3)one triple-room (one single bed with a bunk bed)
(4)the family-room: comfort-room plus triple-room
(5)whole house rental

The spacious family-room rental (comfort-room + triple-room) is a good choice for family travelers. The rooms are located on the second floor, and there is an additional partition door to separate them from the rest of the floors to secure more privacy.

There are 4 bathrooms (shower, WC, washbasin) in the hostel. Two are private ones; the others are public ones. The public bathrooms are separate for boys and girls. All bathrooms (with hot water 24 hours) are lockable to ensure your privacy. You will find toilet paper, shampoo, and shower gel in all bathrooms. We don’t provide toothbrushes, toothpaste, or bath/face towels not only for the sake of personal hyginen but for showing our support for the global environmental problems facing the world today.
Notes: We offer chargeable laundry.

We offer a DIY guest kitchen, complete with kitchen appliances, utensils etc. It is open all day, so just help yourself and enjoy or use our full kitchen and prepare your own food, but please clean up the kitchen and kitchenware straightaway after use for the next user. In addition, please keep your groceries in your room. Of course, the foods needing to be frozen or cooled can be stored in the refrigerator in the kitchen.

The hostel offers 1 free small parking area, next the hostel building. However,
Parking for each guest/room is not guaranteed.

※Membership cards shown upon arrival. Membership can be purchased at hostel.
Rates quoted assume guests are members of Hostelling International.
A non-member supplement will be charged on arrival at hostel.



ドミトリー(相部屋) - 1ベッド1名様のご宿泊料金です。


プライベートルーム (個室利用) - お部屋ごとのご宿泊料金です。



  • チェックインは24時間対応ではありません。
  • チェックインは15:00と17:00の間にお願いいたします。
  • 17:00時以降のご到着はホステルにご連絡ください。
  • チェックインの際には政府発行の写真付き身分証明書をお提示いただく必要があります。
  • 16歳未満のお子様は親または法定保護者の同伴が必要となります。
  • 16歳未満のお子様だけでのご宿泊には、親または法定後見人からの書面(手紙)が必要となります。
  • 13歳未満のお子様は、親または法定保護者を伴わない限り、ドミトリーへご宿泊いただくことができません。
  • メンバーシップカードはご到着時にご購入いただけます。
  • 表示価格はホステリングインターナショナルやナショナル·ユースホステル協会のメンバー価格です。
  • メンバーシップカードをお持ちでない方は一泊TND90の追加料金をホステル到着時にお支払いください。
  • ペットの同伴はできません。
  • 男女混同でお越しの団体様のみ、男女混合寮にご宿泊いただくことが可能でございます。
  • ご利用料金やお部屋タイプ、ご利用内容は予告なく変更になる場合があります。




  • 談話室
  • テレビルーム


  • 車椅子の方はご利用できません


  • 自炊用キッチン

設備 - インターネットアクセス

  • コンピューター
  • Computer Charges - 無料
  • Wi-Fi
  • WIFI Charges - 無料

設備 - 中 - ホステルのサービス

  • 空調
  • ホステル内パーキング
  • ホステルのパーキングのタイプ - 無料
  • 世界の HI ホステルを予約できるブッキングセンター
  • ランドリー施設
  • 利用可能なロッカー
  • ロッカータイプ - 客室で
  • トラベル/ツアーデスク



09:00 から 09:00 を



Tel. +886-6-921-9681

Fax. +886-6-921-9681




  • Magong Downtown (1 ~ 2km)
  • Siying Rainbow Bridge (1 ~ 2km)
  • South Sea Visitor Information Center (500m ~ 1km)




Penghu Moncsor is excellent. One of the best hostels I've ever stayed at. The owners were very kind and helped me out with finding a scooter to rent, where to eat, and even how to get to the airport. I would stay here again if I come back, and recommend anybody else to do the same.


Avatar for Tobias


月 06 六月 2016

Personal muy atento y profesional.


Avatar for Jose


木 02 十月 2014

thanks for your accommodation and review.

Manager avatar

Penghu Moncsor YH,

土 04 十月 2014

We stayed at Moncsor YH for 4 nights. The contact with the owner via email was very easy and helpful since we needed to change our travel plans a little bit. The owners are very lovely and helpful. They helped us to rent scooters, which were necessary to explore the island. There are some buses, but renting a scooter is the best way to explore the various sights of Penghu. Free coffee and tea make the comeback in the afternoon convenient and invite to chat with the owners. I totally recommend the place and would definitely come back again.


Avatar for Sebastian


火 22 十月 2013

Best option!


Avatar for Mariela


月 07 十月 2013

The hostelowner is awesome. Very friedly and helpful. He speaks realy good english. You really need an international driver license to get around!


Avatar for Kira


土 27 七月 2013





  • 海岸 (1 ~ 2km)
  • 映画 (1 ~ 2km)
  • 街の中心 (1 ~ 2km)
  • サイクルトレイル (2 ~ 3km)
  • ジム
  • ハイキング/ウォーキングトレイル (1 ~ 2km)
  • 地域市場 (1 ~ 2km)
  • 美術館/アートギャラリー (500m - 1km)
  • ナイトライフ (1 ~ 2km)
  • 公園/緑地 (5 ~ 10km)
  • レストラン (500m 未満)
  • 川/港/湖 (1 ~ 2km)
  • ショッピングエリア/ショッピングモール (500m 未満)
  • スイミングプール (500m - 1km)
  • スーパーマーケット/食料品店 (500m 未満)
  • 劇場 (1 ~ 2km)


From Magong Airport 7km Turn right on Route No.204 Turn left on Wen-Shan Rd Turn right onto Min-Yu St
Port 3km Go east round bay go right on Wenan continue to Wenxue go left on Minyu hostel on second left


Penghu - Penghu Moncsor Youth Hostel