Youth Hostel Kranj

Kidričeva cesta 53, Kranj, 4000, Slovenia


The hostel is located in Kranj. It welcomes guests in the summer and offers them a great starting point for exploring.


Kranj ホステル

ホステル Kranj

Hostelling International


Our hostel is located in the northern part of Kranj, a beautiful town in the Gorenjska region. The historic centre can be reached on foot and many other attractions are a short drive away. You can reach the high mountains, as well as Bled and Bohinj in an hour, and the motorway will take you to the coast in less than two.

The hostel operates as a student residence, but during the summer break we are happy to welcome backpackers and other guests. We offer simple but clean and comfortable rooms that are furnished with three or two beds, linen and towels are included in price. Bathrooms are shared. There is a common room with computers and TV, self-catering guests have access to a common kitchen. Upon previous arrangement, we provide meals for the groups of 15 people or more. There are plenty of free parking spots next to the hostel.

There are many possibilities to spend quality time outdoors just outside of town, and you can visit different local attractions and events.

Judita Nahtigal

Judita Nahtigal




ドミトリー - 一泊あたりの宿泊人数


プライベート - 一泊 1 人あたり



  • チェックインは24時間対応ではありません。
  • チェックインは18:00と22:00の間にお願いいたします。
  • 22:00時以降のご到着はホステルにご連絡ください。
  • デポジットは、チェックイン時にお支払いください。
  • チェックインの際には政府発行の写真付き身分証明書をお提示いただく必要があります。
  • メンバーシップカードはご到着時にご購入いただけます。
  • 客室料金はメンバーシップカードをお持ちでないお客様の場合です。
  • チェックイン時のお支払い方法に制限があります。
  • お支払い方法は現地通貨のみです。
  • ペットの同伴はできません。
  • 追加で発生した税金については、チェックイン時にお支払いいただけます。
  • 価格と商品は常に正しいものをご提供していますが、チェックアウトの間に変更になる場合があります




  • 談話室
  • テレビルーム
  • 卓球/ピンポン


  • 車椅子の方はご利用できません


  • 自炊用キッチン
  • 自動販売機

設備 - インターネットアクセス

  • コンピューター - 無料

設備 - 中 - ホステルのサービス

  • ホステル内パーキング - 無料
  • 会議施設
  • ランドリー施設
  • 手荷物室 - ホステルのレセプション時間に利用可


オープンから 15 6月 15 9月 を

07:00 から 11:00 を
18:00 から 22:00 を
18:00 から 00:00 を



Tel. +386 4 201 04 30

Fax. +386 4 201 04 35




  • Tuneli pod starim mestom / Tunnels under the old town (1 ~ 2km)
  • Šmarjetna gora / View point and a short hike destination (also reachable by car) (1 ~ 2km)
  • Park Brdo (2 ~ 3km)




Suggestion: The window above the door is very annoying when someone turn on light in the corridor.It's need to be covered. but others things are okay whit this hostel.


Avatar for Zoltan


金 09 九月 2016

Thank you very much for your comment, we will surely cover the glass above the door! And I am also very glad that you found our hostel okay. We really try to do our best and it is nice if our guests are satisfied. Welcome next time!

Manager avatar

Judita Nahtigal,

日 11 九月 2016

The porter on this occasion spoke no English so this was a bit of a challenge when checking in.


Avatar for James


日 04 九月 2016

Thank you for your comment which tells us we have to improve our service on human resourse. Since we are a student dorm, working as a hostel during summer holidays, we try to organize work the best we can, and all our other receptionists do speak English; the porter whom you met works his last months before his retirement and he normally works only during school year, rarely with the guests. For the future, we will assure the receptionist who speaks foreign languages - as expected in hostels! - and we hope to welcome you again!

Manager avatar

Judita Nahtigal,

火 06 九月 2016

This is one of the worse hostelling experiences we ever had. There was no information at all about anything (not even about the hostel actually), people didn't really seem to care about the guests, the room wasn't properly cleaned (we found a dirty sock in the bed) and it was far from the historical centre. There is a guests kitchen, but with no equipment (one pan and nothing else) and we don't know if breakfast was included because no information was provided.


Avatar for Rita


土 29 八月 2015

Dear guest(s), I really regret the bad impression you got about our hostel and I apologize for things that were up to us. Room not cleaned enough is unacceptable and I will surely take all the measures that this doesn't happen again. Our staff are not profesional turist workers but they are generally said to be kind and helpful. I don't know the exact reason why you didn't find them this way, but I suppose you came just in the middle of accommodating a very demanding group of guests who really had a great number of special needs, not been mentioned before. My colleague worked hard to please them and she may not have had enough time to accept and accomodate you properly. Had you asked her what you wanted to know, she (or another employee in the evening) would have surely given you all the information you needed. Breakfasts are not included in price (information on the web site) and our small kitchen was empty because the dishes and cuttlery were being washed in the dish-washer and brought to the kitchen the following day. I am sorry for that, we will assure immediate return after washing in future. Although we are really embarassed about your comment, we still thank you for it - it will help us be more careful and provide better service in future. You are warmly welcome to visit us again and I'm sure you'll get better impression about us and our hostel the next time. Best wishes, Judita Nahtigal

Manager avatar

Judita Nahtigal,

月 31 八月 2015





  • 映画 (500m ~ 1km)
  • 街の中心 (1 ~ 2km)
  • ゴルフコース (10km 以上)
  • ハイキング/ウォーキングトレイル (3 ~ 5km)
  • 山岳地帯 (5 ~ 10km)
  • 美術館/アートギャラリー (1 ~ 2km)
  • 国立/州立公園 (10km 以上)
  • 公園/緑地 (2 ~ 3km)
  • レストラン (Less than 500 m)
  • 川/港/湖 (1 ~ 2km)
  • ショッピングエリア/ショッピングモール (1 ~ 2km)
  • スキーエリア (10km 以上)
  • スイミングプール (500m ~ 1km)
  • スーパーマーケット/食料品店 (Less than 500 m)
  • 劇場 (1 ~ 2km)


Letališče Jožeta Pučnika is 7 km away. You can take a bus or a taxi there.
The hostel is within walking distance from the main bus station.
The hostel can be easily reached by car and there are plenty of free parking spots. It is close to the main road from/to Ljubljana and only 2 km from motorway.
There are bus connections from the Kranj train station to the vicinity of the hostel (No 1 and 7).


  • サイクリング
  • ゴルフ
  • 乗馬
  • スキー/スノーボーディング
  • 水泳
  • ウォーキング/ハイキング


Youth Hostel Kranj