Kitzbühel/Kirchberg - Haus Alpenblick

Reithergasse 39, 6365 Kitzbühel/Kirchberg,, Kitzbühel/Kirchberg, Austria


Rustic country style mountain lodge with microbrewery in the centre of the Austrian Alps. Offers tours and local specialities.


Kitzbühel/Kirchberg ホステル

ホステル Kitzbühel/Kirchberg

Hostelling International


Haus Alpenblick is one of the oldest guesthouses in Kirchberg, it was built in 1931 specifically as a Guesthouse and originally had rooms with out bathrooms. In those times rooms were small and cosy and during the last 15 years the house has been lovingly restored to put bathrooms in all of the 24 rooms. The garden is privat and spacious and is a great place to relax. The house has a country style and has touches of antique furniture and a mix of neutral tones and bright colours. There are common balconies to share with other guests which enjoy great views of the mountain. The atmosphere in the house is casual and elegant. At some times of year it is very quiet and at other times of year it is bustling with busy guests enjoying the mountains. The meals are made with love and the menu consists of mostly healthy meals with a good number of indulgent treats. Our guests like our heated ski storage room, our powerful showers, our fresh and interesting meals and the open and friendly atmosphere. We offer a daily service to help plan your days activities and offer cooking workshops and beer brewing days when the weather is inclement. You can play board games in the bar or dining room. There is a mini golf course in the street and a swimming lake in the village. The closest access to the mountain for skiing and hiking is on the other side of the village 1km away. There is a bus stop at the end of the street and use is free with a guestcard.

A couple from Australian and New Zealand who settled in Kirchberg 15 years ago by buying Haus Alpenblick. We enjoy cultural exchange, sharing local tips with our guests and have the unique perspective of being foreigners ourselves. Chris is a long time Beer Sommelier who now brews beer for guests and local restaurants. His background as a dairy farmer in New Zealand and a Barman in Switzerland set him in good stead for owning a guesthouse. He is always renovating and restoring our elegant home so that guests feel cosy and comfortable, he looks after guests in the bar, serves dinner and breakfast and is resident expert on all things to do in the area. In his spare time he enjoys playing golf, mountain biking, skiing and photography. Emma is a passionate cook and lover of preventative health. As city girl living in the mountains Emma has learned to love nature and local culture through cooking, studying mountain herbs and practising fermentation techniques to create delights to share with guests. Emma has a background in Strategic Management and Finance and enjoys the creativity that the mountains inspire. She shares her knowledge by running regular workshops and retreats. Enjoy!

Kirchberg is a haven in the mountains. It has a good balance of active things to do and peaceful places to relax and rejuvenate. In the winter its busy with skiers (both cross country and alpine) who come because of the fantastic facilities and well groomed pistes.

Winter mountain biking, paragliding and walking are also popular. In Winter the bars and restaurants are full and the atmosphere is lively and fun. Kitzbühel, one of the noble towns of the Alps, is nearby and is full of elegant bars and beautiful shops. There is good shopping and some excellent Spa offerings. Salzburg, Munich, Innsbruck and Kufstein are easy day trips.

Outside of wintertime there are wonderful rock climbing, mountain biking and walking attractions. The lakes are beautiful for sunbathing and swimming. You will find high quality golf courses, well organised adrenalin activities such as Skydiving, Mountain Buggies and Canyoning. There are lots of festivals and cultural events. The local alpine traditions are impressive. The Alpine cuisine is celebrated through an assortment of mountain huts, restaurants and informal cafes. Aside from German, English is spoken widely in the area and there are excellent medical facilities.




ドミトリー - 一泊あたりの宿泊人数


プライベート - 一泊 1 人あたり



  • ご到着時に 2 EURの税金を別途お支払いいただきます。
  • Tourist Tax is 2 Euro per day per person over 15
  • チェックインの際には政府発行の写真付き身分証明書をお提示いただく必要があります。
  • 16歳未満のお子様は親または法定保護者の同伴が必要となります。
  • 1歳未満のお子様は無料にてご利用いただけます。
  • 14歳未満のお子様は、チェックイン時に割引のご案内がございます。
  • チェックイン時のお支払い方法に制限があります。
  • お支払い方法は現金のみです。
  • 価格と商品は常に正しいものをご提供していますが、チェックアウトの間に変更になる場合があります




  • ゲーム室


  • 車椅子の方はご利用できません


  • カフェ/ビストロ
  • バー/パブ
  • ホステル内のレストラン

設備 - インターネットアクセス

  • Wi-Fi - 無料

設備 - 中 - ホステルのサービス

  • ホステル内パーキング - 無料
  • 近くのパーキング - 500m ~ 1km
  • 自転車収納庫
  • 図書館/書籍交換
  • 手荷物室 - ホステルのレセプション時間に利用可
  • スポーツ器具収納庫 - スキー



07:00 から 21:00 を
15:00 から 21:00 を





  • Hahnenkamm (3 ~ 5km)
  • Kitzbuehel (5 ~ 10km)
  • Aschau Waterfall (3 ~ 5km)






  • アミューズメント/テーマパーク (10km 以上)
  • サイクルトレイル (ホステル内もしくは隣接)
  • ゴルフコース (3 ~ 5km)
  • ジム (500m ~ 1km)
  • ハイキング/ウォーキングトレイル (ホステル内もしくは隣接)
  • 地域市場 (Less than 500 m)
  • 山岳地帯 (ホステル内もしくは隣接)
  • 美術館/アートギャラリー (Less than 500 m)
  • 国立/州立公園 (3 ~ 5km)
  • ナイトライフ (Less than 500 m)
  • 公園/緑地 (ホステル内もしくは隣接)
  • レストラン (ホステル内もしくは隣接)
  • 川/港/湖 (1 ~ 2km)
  • ショッピングエリア/ショッピングモール (Less than 500 m)
  • スキーエリア (500m ~ 1km)
  • スイミングプール (1 ~ 2km)
  • スーパーマーケット/食料品店 (Less than 500 m)
  • 劇場 (Less than 500 m)
  • ウォーターパーク (3 ~ 5km)
  • 森林地帯 (ホステル内もしくは隣接)


By car taxi/shuttle transfer or train we are approximately 90 minutes from Munich and 60 minutes from Innsbruck
There are excellent public transport connections from Munich and Innsbruck and sometimes it can be faster than traveling by car. Whilst you can catch public transport from Salzburg it takes quite a bit longer than driving in the car.


  • 懸垂下降
  • バスケットボール
  • カヌー
  • サイクリング
  • フィッシング
  • サッカー
  • ゴルフ
  • 乗馬
  • マウンテンバイク
  • オリエンテーリング
  • ロッククライミング
  • スキー/スノーボーディング
  • 水泳
  • Team-Building
  • テニス
  • ウォーキング/ハイキング


Kitzbühel/Kirchberg - Haus Alpenblick