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Top hostels for foodies

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Fanatic about food? We're giving you the low down on the best grub around the planet for travellers this month. Here, you'll find a pick of favourite foodie hostels around our international network, from nutrition initiatives in Belgium, to communal feasts in the USA, and waking up to unbeatable breakfasts in Brazil. Keep an eye out for handy backpacker tips to help you find the perfect culinary adventure whilst making your bank balance survive that extra stretch. Hostelling Associations and bloggers from around the world give you their sweet (and savoury) spots for local food festivals, farmers markets and street food fairs: flock to France's annual food fest, Fête de la Gastronomie, and enjoy moon cakes at Vietnam's Mid-Autumn Festival. Help the world to grow as you travel by learning about and supporting our sustainable food, farming and waste management programs, along with some top eco travel titbits to make sure your eating and drinking habits have minimum impact on the earth. From sustainable food sourcing to free food nights, we've got something to say, and somewhere to stay.