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The Slovenian coast

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Despite its small size, just 46.6km, the Slovenian coast is full of excitement, beauty and is a must-visit when in the country. Portorož is the tourist hub of the coast, with lots of casinos, clubs and marinas. Near Portorož, you can find the Saltpan of Sečovlje (a natural museum), with a history dating back more than a thousand years. The towns of Piran, Izloa and Koper invite you with their medieval design and cultural richness as well as exciting summer festivals. The whole town of Piran is a cultural heritage site on the peninsula with narrow streets and immense architectural beauty. For the connoisseurs among you, there is an interesting and diverse culinary and wine scene to be found throughout the coastal region. Črni kal and Osp offer great climbing, for sport climbers, with stunning views of the whole coast from the tops.