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The picturesque Karst region

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Karst, a region between the Gulf of Trieste and the Vipava valley, is full of unique shapes that water creates on the limestone rocks and the famous Cerknica Lake which dries out in the summer then completely fills in during the rainy season. There are over 8,000 documented Karst caves, out of which the Postojna cave and the Škocjan caves are the most popular. The Postojna cave is the most visited Karst cave in Europe and the Škocjan Caves Park is a UNESCO natural heritage site which stuns visitors with the caves' immense beauty and grandeur. Near Postojna, we can find the 700-year-old Predjama castle that rules in the 123m high rock wall. The Karst region is full of cultural, ethnological and culinary diversity as well as medieval Mediterranean villages such as Štanjel. It is also home to Lipica and is the birthplace of the famous white Lipizzaner horse.