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Situated in the eastern part of Slovenia, Pomurska is teeming with picturesque scenery. The region is full of resplendent greenery, vineyards and floating watermills. Let the extremely hospitable people of Pomurska welcome you with open arms and a cool glass of wine. Hire a bike and explore the small villages and hidden corners of Pomurje as there are many forest paths on which you can ride undisturbed. This part of Slovenia is known for its thermal spring health resorts, with their beneficial hot spring waters from deep beneath the earth, which are healing and relaxing at the same time. The biggest town in Pomurje is called Murska Sobota, which is distinguished by its small city centre, warm people and a superb culinary experience. North of Murska Sobota you can find the region of Goričko, with its vineyards and lovely scenery.