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Places you won't believe we have hostels

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Let us surprise you. We've got hostels in all corners of the world, from the remote and forgotten to the offbeat and unlikely - it's time to ditch the generic backpacker hotspots and book the bizarre and the impossibly beautiful. Kick off your shoes at our island paradise hostels in Fiji, or lose yourself to a speck on the pacific by bunking up in the Azores. Stay in a snooze box among the UK's very own garden of Eden, or climb into bed in a hostel cradled by the soaring Swiss peaks. Support local community initiatives by volunteering in rural Bolivia, or uncover layers of time at a site of the Egyptian empire - Israel's breathtaking Beit Shean. Is it a boat in Budapest; is it a Swedish Jumbo Jet; a railway carriage on New Zealand's beautiful west coast? They're all hostels bookable right here. Enjoy their many shapes and forms, the life changing experiences they offer, and find yourself right on the doorstep of something special.