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6 Ostelli In South Brazil - Esplora Vedere la Guida di destinazione

inspirazione per destinazioni, ostelli e attività da svolgere

Despite being the smallest region in Brazil, the South has great tourist attractions . With subtropical climate, it has the colder temperatures of the country in the winter and the summers more refreshing and cool.

The Southern Region is formed by the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul , whose capitals are Curitiba , Florianópolis and Porto Alegre . Its history and culture are very rich and this translates into the richness of the gastronomy of the region and its typical festivals.

The great differential of the South Region is the variety of cars it presents. Hostelling International hostellers can do many sun and beach tourism activities, ecotourism, rural tourism and adventure.

In summer the best request of the South is to go to the coast of Santa Catarina . The beaches of Florianópolis and Balneário Camboriú are crowded and very lively. In winter the Serra Gaúcha becomes cosy with good wines and chocolates. In spring the Paraná is beautiful and flowery , Curitiba Botanical Garden stands out among the most colourful attractions.

In the South there are some of the main Brazilian attractions, such as the Iguaçu Falls , the ruins of São Miguel das Missões and the city of Blumenau , where the Brazilian Oktoberfest is held every year.

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