Zingst Youth Hostel is ideally situated for trips to the Baltic Sea. The hostel is in the Western Pomeranian Lagoon Area (Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft) National Park and the white-sand beach is only a few metres away.

The hostel includes both private and dorm rooms as well as two bungalows with en suite bathrooms. There is also a breakfast terrace, dining room, recreation room, children’s playroom, indoor and outdoor table tennis, a barbecue, a television with DVDs and on-site sports equipment and bicycle rental. Facilities for conferences are also available including an overhead projector and white board.

This is the ideal hostel for you if you love sports and the outdoors – go surfing, rowing, cycling, paddling or kiting. Visit the charming little fishing villages and modern holiday resorts or explore the lagoons where familiar and rare species of fish live and thousands of cranes stop by each year.

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