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I liked very much that it was in a central location in small town Queenstown.


Avatar for Francis


Thu 14 May 2015

Great location, lake view from the kitchen and very near to collecting point to Milford Sound. For suggestion, the kitchen should open before 6.30 since I need to cook and have breakfast before I go to Milford Sound.


Avatar for Bhathra


Tue 21 Apr 2015

Very good hotel.


Avatar for Paiwan


Thu 20 Nov 2014

I enjoyed being so close to everything! Maybe too close to the late-night partiers outside, but that was only a problem on Saturday night.


Avatar for Kei


Sat 06 Sep 2014

I once discovered the back/fire door open and told reception. The woman on duty thought it had been (accidently) left open by the cleaners. This is bad security lapse.


Avatar for stephen


Thu 15 May 2014

The location would have been ideal except for the number of drunks outside the hostel in the middle of the night. In this respect the central location of the hostel was a bit of a disadvantage but for the rest of my trip the location proved excellent. Not being able to sleep was the only bad part. The hostel is a bit dated in decor but was clean and convenient for me, and good value as well, so I would definitley stay there again and recommend it to people. The staff were fantastic. Very knowledgeable about the town, the trips available and tour providers etc. I found the staff knowledge about trip/tour booking the most welcome and useful part of staying there.


Avatar for David


Mon 24 Feb 2014



Avatar for lin


Wed 29 Jan 2014

Of all the HI hostels I've stayed in, the staff here was the most unfriendly and unhelpful. I actually felt like I was burdening them to ask questions. It seems some of the guys especially were just too "cool" to be bothered - total lack of customer service. I actually saw of of them roll his eyes!


Avatar for lynn


Sun 26 Jan 2014