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It is the best place to stay if you want to catch the sunrise at Lantau Peak. We were able to see Ngong Ping in it's most serene time of the day, the time when all tourists went home. Just heed the reminder to bring your own food, it is very true, all shops close at 6pm.


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Sun 01 Feb 2015

Loved the woods/area around the hostel. There are rather good places to eat nearby (from casual dining to small, modest eateries/cafeterias) although they close at 6-6.30pm. Plus, it is a convenient jump off point to other areas in Lantau Island. The female hostel manager and Jordan were very efficient.


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Mon 05 Jan 2015

a unique and wonderful location near the great Buddha on Lantau Island. A simple but very cheap and comfortable hostel in a green garden surrounded by mountains. Very peaceful and quiet in a hectic city like Hong Kong. Most restaurants and shops nearby close as early as 6 pm. Limited bus service. First bus to Tung Chung/Airport only at 08.10 am. One should reconfirm the arrival time, as the lady who operates the hostel, may not always be in the hostel.


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Mon 15 Sep 2014

It is a quite place indeed because of the temple there. Temperature is cool and nice Lantau Peak view there. Please always get yourself ready for the hiking if whether permitted. I found the hostel was closed from 1pm to 4pm for cleaning and this made me went there twice since I arrived there about 2pm. ( You need to take about 20 min walk from temple to hostel ) With the luggage which I carried along, I got my leg sprain then. So unlucky! However, the hostel manager was so kind to allow me check in earlier. Remember to bring enough food and arrive there before 7pm. The road to hostel is dark and there are lot of dogs there after 7pm. I still remember one of the Chinese travellers chased by the stray dogs and he got his handphone spoilt!! Perhaps he should take the hostel manager advise earlier.


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Kok Sen,

Thu 27 Mar 2014

overall my opinion is ok. but hope the others guest please clean up what they used in the kitchen and keep the sink is clean, they are through something inside the sink when wash the dish.


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Wed 12 Mar 2014

If you want to be in nature, having fresh air and hiking paths, it's the perfect hostel. Specially in Hong Kong very fair price.


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Mon 24 Feb 2014

This hostel really was in the middle of nowhere. While it was inconvenient at night to be there and not really be able to leave because it was completely dark and removed from everything and the island completely shuts down, for those wanting to escape the crowds, see the real Lantau Island, and be able to wake up at the crack of dawn and wander around Po Lin Monastery and see the buddha from the gates and to walk around the top of the peak or to take a hike down the mountain before all the buses and people arrive to Tai O, this is the perfect way to see the island in a less commercialized, touristy fashion.


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Sat 05 Oct 2013

Dear Charlotte, Thank you for your sharing. The hostel is located in countryside. Hostellers who like natural environment are fond of this hostel, especially those who go hiking the Lantau Peak for the dawn view. The last bus No. 23 is departed at 18:10 from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping. Hostellers are suggested to take the bus before 18:00 at Tung Chung, go to bed early for hiking or sightseeing the next morning.

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Mon 07 Oct 2013

nice place, make sure to bring some locks to lock your luggage to a bed post and always bring your valuables with you when you travel away. Seems safe enough, but better be safe than sorry! Overall great stay!


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Wed 19 Jun 2013

Dear Christoper, Thank you for your comments. We provide small-sized lockers for hostellers to keep their valuables. So hostellers are suggested to bring a small-sized pad-lock for the locker.

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Fri 21 Jun 2013