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The recent clearing of overgrown trees has provided an unparalleled view. The re establishment of the the landscape plants and shrubs makes the place a hidden paradise. It would be nice to have more laundry facilities, and perhaps a room for it. Great stay thanks!


Avatar for Calem


Wed 20 May 2015

I really enjoyed my stay at Mount Davis. I was made welcome when I arrived and during my stay. The views are fantastic and the shuttle bus very convenient. I also enjoyed a walk up and down the mountain but this was without luggage so very relaxing. The kitchen was very organised and it was easy to take food through to the dining room also to chat to recently made friends as well as the common room


Avatar for linda


Sun 17 May 2015

Tienen traslado gratis en camioneta desde la ciudad hasta el albergue y viceversa. Lo que deberían mejorar, es la guía para encontrar el estacionamiento de la misma para los que llegan por primera vez, porque es confusa. Colocando un mapa con la ubicación exacta on-line será lo más adecuado. La que tienen en el Hostel es excelente.


Avatar for CHRISTIAM


Wed 13 May 2015

i love the fresh air and view! the shuttle bus should run until midnight. they need to hire one more driver. the style of this hostel is a bit outdated, like the signs at the reception saying the cost of beer, eggs, breakfast, etc. I smiled to myself when i saw them cos these were the things i saw 20 years ago. i think this hostel should evolve. if i were the hostel manager, i would manage it differently and borrow some of the ideas from hostels nowadays.


Avatar for KM


Fri 01 May 2015

Amazing view and outdoors feel only 15 minutes from the city. Could have done with detailed instructions in Cantonese for taxi drivers in case you miss the free shuttle.


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Thu 30 Apr 2015

I really enjoyed my stay at Mount Davis Youth Hostel. I met some lovely people. The staff made me feel welcome and the room was comfortable. I felt at ease to use the kitchen and common room and the bus was always on time although I did enjoy a walk down the mountain and back. The bus is very useful, especially when you have luggage and shopping and for tired legs after a great explore of Hong Kong sites. The views from the mountain are amazing


Avatar for linda


Wed 22 Apr 2015

Great view of harbour from the deck. A very efficient shuttle bus and friendly staff. Good kitchen and common room. Everything very clean. Interesting walk up Mount Davis. To improve: a better sign at the entrance to Mt Davis Path for taxi drivers who don't know area.


Avatar for Charlotte


Mon 20 Apr 2015