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This hostel is a very nice place -- clean run by nice people. So I had a good stay all in all. The only thing that was quite annoying was the fact that toilettes and showers were on the corridors and the doors shutting and people walking were really loud. This might be difficult to change though.


Avatar for Carmen


Tue 16 Dec 2014

Notre chambre était bien mais un peu exiguë pour 4 personnes, pas de petite table ou bureau. Pas de Wifi dans la chambre. Le petit-déjeuner était bien mais toujours les mêmes aliments : on finit par s'en lasser quand on reste une semaine. Mais, une ambiance sympa et une entrée avec salon et salle à manger animés


Avatar for MB


Tue 04 Nov 2014

Value for money, since the alternatives are quite steep, this hostel provides cheap(er) accommodation for less comfort. One small room with 2 stacked beds, in total of 4 people feels very crowded. Thankfully the common room in the receptionist is better looking and cozy enough. Internet costs 1 quid for 20 min and 5 for 24 hours.


Avatar for Rieza


Thu 30 Oct 2014

The Cambridge Hostel was one of the best I have stayed in. The only hostels better so far have been those in Israel (for example, Poriya). Good job with the renovation. Also, the staff there is fantastic - so friendly and helpful. (I don't care about "green" rating. If you want to save money on utilities by having efficient water and electric systems, that is great as a business practice, but I'm not an eco-alarmist and don't have much respect for those who are.)


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Wed 24 Sep 2014