An unusual stay awaits you at Wúrzburg Hostel - which is a converted prison, in the shadow of the magnificent Marienberg fortress – part of a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Surrounded by museums and magnificent baroque buildings. Wurzburg is one of Germany's most famous places to visit. Our central accommodation, on the banks of the River Main, has rooms with with 4-6 beds.The city of Wurzburg is the centre of one of the most famous wine-growing regions in Germany so a great base for wine tours and sampling the famous grapes.

Our Würzburg hostel prides itself on its food and deals with a local baker which delivers every day and a local butcher who uses produce sourced from the region. Try out the tasty meals and wash it down with the local wine that is grown here

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Excelente custo benefício.


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Fri 05 Jun 2015