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Most awesome place to stay, friendly staff, the location is probably one of the most spectacular one can imagine. Nice view to Takkawa Falls from the proch. just an amazing place. There is no electricity and no wifi, which makes people more social. Absolutly recommendable for people who like to hike as well, with the beautiful Iceline hike wich starts just outside the hostel... (y)


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Jesper Lundsgaard,

Mon 25 Aug 2014

Please note that this hostel does not have electricity - we only booked for the purpose of re-charging electrical things during a two-week camping trip, and upon arrival discovered we would not be able to do so at the hostel so did not end up staying. Looked nice and atmospheric.


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Wed 30 Jul 2014

très bien sous tous rapports. Excellente auberge.Bravo pour l'accueil


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Wed 28 Aug 2013

Nice place at the foot of some incredibly beautiful scenery.


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Mon 26 Aug 2013