Warsaw - Karolkowa hostel is an educational institution which makes it well-equipped to put into practice tasks such as touring and sightseeing, gastronomy, information about tourism and communication. The institution is assigned mainly for school groups and students, for teachers and education workers from Poland and worldwide.

The hostel provides numerous facilities including a variety of room types, self-catering kitchen, garden and TV room.

The hostel is close to tourist attractions such as the Royal Castle (3.5km), old shafts of the column of Zygmunt III Waza (3.5km), Piwna Street where there are many cafes, restaurants and antique shops (4km), and the Barbican and fortified walls (4.2km).

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I'm not usually the kind to criticize where I stay. Really, all I want is a bed to sleep on and, to the extent possible, a friendly place to cook and meet new people. But the particular hostel was not so good: although very clean, it is quite far from the center, not easy to find (not even a sign "Hostelling international" on the outside!), and last but not least: the hostel closes at 12AM !! Meaning you have to come back before that time to be able to sleep there... Just outrageous.


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Mon 02 Jun 2014

Travel tips...

Where next?


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Sun 19 Jan 2014

Attraction tip

Don't miss the National Museum of Warsaw, with ones of the best pieces of art in all Eastern Europe. Truly amazing (and cheap).

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Mon 02 Jun 2014