Växjö hostel is located in Växjö city on the shores of Lake Helga, in an area known for its healthy water and recreational atmosphere. The beach is only 50m away from the hostel’s porch and there are excellent bus links to the hostel, both from the railway station and from Växjö University.

Most of the hostel’s rooms have a wash-basin in the room. Toilets and showers are located close to the rooms in each corridor. You may cook your meals in the well-equipped guest kitchen, but for breakfast you can enjoy hostel’s delicious and organic buffet. There are also barbecue facilities in the hostel’s garden.

There are two sandy beaches with a diving tower (10m) in the area and here you can also rent a canoe, play golf, take a stroll and play football.

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It's a really old house so keep in mind that you can hear all noises from the house and your neigbours. Not a real problem when everybody is sleeping but in the evening it can be sometimes a little noisy.


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Sun 10 Aug 2014

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