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Great hostel in a great location about 25 minutes from the Glacial Lagoon. Fantastic glass dining area with heated floor. Easy to miss the turnoff. You wonder if you're in the right location as you go through a farmyard.


Avatar for Boyce


Wed 29 Apr 2015

Addition of kitchen and bathroom inside the cottages.


Avatar for Darius


Sun 26 Apr 2015

We had a great stay! The only thing was that it was a little difficult to find.


Avatar for Rachel


Sun 22 Mar 2015

Der Aufenthalt hat der Gruppe, mit der ich dort war, sehr gut gefallen. Der Service war auch echt super! Nur die Anmeldung zum WLAN war etwas kompliziert. Das ist aber auch der einzige Kritikpunkt...


Avatar for Marie-Katrin


Fri 20 Mar 2015

Really enjoyed our stay at this hostel! It was easy to find, right on Route 1, and was perfectly placed in the exact middle of nowhere! Great for viewing the Northern Lights. When a crazy storm blew up and stranded us there, the owner was very helpful and let us stay another day without having booked it. Good size kitchen, well equipped with everything, a comfy lounge, Fast, reliable Wifi and delicious warmth despite the storm raging outside. We couldn't think of a better place to be stranded in!


Avatar for Tony


Sat 28 Feb 2015

Lovely setting, friendly staff, well set up and comfortable, lovely lounge and dining area, really great wifi, good location for heading to national parks, or to the beach, good showers.


Avatar for Jeanette


Mon 03 Nov 2014

Assez isolé de la 1ère ville, donc bien penser à faire ses courses avant pour pas se taper 80 km... Mais situé assez proche de Jokulsarlon et du glacier Vatnajokull pour expéditions.


Avatar for cedric


Fri 24 Oct 2014