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Every evening the open reception area of the hostel, open without enclosures to all corridoors of the hostel, is used by the hostel as a smoking area for tobacco cigarettes. The stench of tobacco smoke permeates the entire hostel for hours afterwards. I had an errand at the front desk one evening, and my clothes were tarnished from that filthy smoke smell afterwards. This is a smoking hostel with permitted smoking indoors. Madness management! "Kitchen" fits no more than 2 people at a time.


Avatar for Torsten


Sun 24 May 2015

I like the location and the facility. The hostel also has fantastic view of Tokyo from the 18th floor. The breakfast is also excellent although at a cost. The only problem I have is the hours of operation which can be very inconvenient if I go out late and needs to leave very early. It's not easy to go down or up 18th floors. The elevator only works from 6am and 11pm. Also the men's bathroom does not open until 6am.


Avatar for Gino


Sun 24 May 2015

The location is so good that traveler can find it easily .


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Wed 20 May 2015

Good location, friendly staff


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Sun 17 May 2015