Welcome to the Loft Hostel! If you're planning on visiting Chengdu, don't pass up the chance to stay at a contemporary travel hostel with a unique environment! The Loft is located in an old printing factory building, which has been renovated into a cool and cosy hostel., Loft Hostel's Services include;

FREE Safe Boxes in all dorms
FREE Board Games
FREE Pool Table
FREE Wi-fi
FREE Movies in our Movie Room
FREE Air-Con and Heating System in all rooms
FREE luggage storage
FREE (no service fee) air ticket booking
FREE Towel
24 hour hot showers
Personal Travel Advice and Help from our experienced and helpful staff.

---------Having fun in Sichuan-------------

We offer tours to many places, including; Panda Breeding Centre
Sichuan Opera,
Mt. Qingcheng and Dujiangyan 1 day tour,
Songpan horse backing tour,
Leshan,&Mt. Emei 2 days tour,
Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong 3 days tour
Yangtze Three Gorges,
Tibet Budget tour.(The smartest way to travel in Tibet)

Lhasa 4 days
Lhasa-Namtso lake 5 days
Lhasa-Shigatse 6 days
Lhasa-EBC-Nepal 7 days
Lhasa-EBC-Lhasa 8 days
Personalized travel plans in Tibet, we can help you with all your needs in Tibet.

---------- A little about the Loft------------

The Loft is located in an old printing factory building, which was renovated into a cool and cosy hostel over a period of 7 months. We have also
given the loft a more personal feel by decorating our walls with works by local artists.
Our staff are all travel-lovers, and know what the average traveler needs when staying in a hostel, and often travel around China to keep up with the
latest in the hostel and travel business. And of course, the only receptionists we employ are those with great english skills. We always try to avoid any
miscommunication between staff and guests!

------------- Having Fun in the Loft ------------------

We arrange parties most Fridays to give our guests a chance to get to know each other and have some fun. We provide free food, which usually includes
tutorials on how to prepare local chinese food, such as chinese dumplings, sichuan hotpot, mutton soup or chinese barbeque. Eat, dance, be happy!
We do our best to ensure you have something to fill your time while relaxing in the Loft, going so far as providing a wide range of board games, like
Uno, Chess, Checkers, Bang!, Three Kingdom Cards, etc. Our bar area also has a darts board and a pool table for you to enjoy. The Loft also has a movie room
with hundreds of films to choose from. Not to mention free internet access, or free wi-fi if you're travelling with your own laptop!
Our friendly staff love spending their downtime in the comfortable cafe bar area swapping travel stories with guests or joining in a game of cards.
It can be very relaxing to unwind on our comfortable sofas after a hard day exploring Chengdu, especially due to the fact that we have our central heating on
permanently during the winter months and cool you off nicely with our air-con during the hot summers!

-------------Wandering around Chengdu ------------

The Loft is perfectly placed for exploring the vibrant Chengdu city. We are within two minutes walk of all the important amenities, banks, mini-
marts, drug stores, etc. We also provide free Pocket-Maps of Chengdu, which you can pick up at the reception desk. We've already marked the sights to see and
places to go them, so getting around should be a piece of cake!
Be sure to check out Kuan Lane, less than five minutes walk away, a traditional china-style street with a number of interesting sights and delightful
architecture. And People's Park, less than ten minutes away, is a must for anyone wishing to enjoy a peaceful afternoon near nature in the middle of a hectic
city. Stay here a while and enjoy a cup of green tea in one of the tearooms dotted around the park!
The Statue of Mao, and the shopping area nearby are only 20 minutes walk from the Loft, so get out there and enjoy the city, safe in the knowledge
that comfort isn't too fay away!
And for the sights and places of interest that aren't within walking distance, or if you're just feeling a little bit lazy, we are very close to bus
lines to many different areas, such as, the Panda Breeding Centre, Wen Shu Temple, Xin Nan Men Bus Station, Tian Fu Square, Chengdu Airport, Compluter
Street, and many more. Just ask a receptionist how to get where you are going and they'll make sure you get there with no problems!

------------- Tours and Package Deals --------------

The Loft Hostel is partnered with Smart Travel Solution, who have over 10 years experience helping backpackers enjoy their time travelling in
Southwest China. we can even personalize the tours to suit you and your travel schedule!

OUR MISSION is to assist backpacking tourists in planning their visit to Chengdu through providing easy-to-understand, useful and quality Chengdu
travel content and products. We will be happy to help with all your needs.

We hope to see you arriving at the Loft very soon!

The Loft Team

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The only reason I rate this place "Fair" for Comfort is because the place was crawling with mosquitoes. I only stayed for 3 nights and left with dozens of mosquito bites. I wouldn't have been able to stay another night even if I wanted to. I was there at the beginning of November 2015. Honestly, the place is SUPER QUAINT. Lovely environment, people, and hostel. Would definitely go back. Xi'an street nearby has many locals eating the best local foods (also very spicy). I biked a ton around.


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Fri 13 Nov 2015

Great staff, super helpful which was important as little English spoken outside the hostel. Panda tour was great value. Room was simple and had lots of character, not your usual bland room. Location great, spent lots of time in the alleys, eating and shopping. A little gem in Chengdu, highly recommend.


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Tue 16 Jun 2015

Travel tips...

Where next?


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Tue 16 Jun 2015

Budget meal tip

Xi'an Road

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Fri 13 Nov 2015