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Good location and friendly staff.


Avatar for Arnuparp


Mon 20 Apr 2015

There are plainly too few compartments for dry food. People were reduced to leaving their food in plastic bags on the floor by the food compartments. The overall impression is that no one shows leadership amongst the staff. There is no active engagement or plan to improve the hostel. The fridges, too, are barely large enough for everyone's food. It is a popular hostel; it works fairly well and I simply don't think anyone is interested in trying to make things better.


Avatar for Michael


Sat 04 Apr 2015

Burrito/Taco salad was excellent.


Avatar for james


Wed 11 Mar 2015

Very nice location and clean room. Staffs were very helpful!


Avatar for YUTA


Tue 03 Feb 2015

Es hat viel zu wenig Kühlschränke und Ablagen für Lebensmittel für so viele Leute. Im allgemien ist die Küche viel zu klein für so ein grosses Hostel. Auch die Sauberkeit in der Küche war schlecht (Geschirr, Arbeitsflächen).


Avatar for Anna Stasia

Anna Stasia,

Wed 03 Dec 2014

Great location, but when you get off a night train at 6.30am and have a really nice hostel right by Central station, it's a shame you can't actually check in until 1pm. Would be nice to at least be able to put bags in the room instead of paying for a locker or lugging them around until the afternoon.


Avatar for Roger


Fri 05 Sep 2014

Staff tried to deny me the HI member's discount claiming I'd booked through a third party - I'd booked through hihostels.com. Sorted out the confusion quickly enough though.


Avatar for Roger


Fri 05 Sep 2014

really nice, clean kitchen & super cafe! :) super location for trips to everywhere!


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Mon 12 May 2014