Around the hostel

Nearby attractions

  • Amusement / Theme park (1 to 2km)
  • Cinema (Less than 500m)
  • City Centre (At or next to the hostel)
  • Cycle trails (Less than 500m)
  • Gym (Less than 500m)
  • Hiking / Walking trails (2 to 3km)
  • Local market (Less than 500m)
  • Museums / Art Galleries (Less than 500m)
  • Nightlife (Less than 500m)
  • Parks / Green Area (500m - 1km)
  • Restaurants (Less than 500m)
  • River / Harbour / Lake (500m - 1km)
  • Shopping area / Mall (Less than 500m)
  • Swimming pool (500m - 1km)
  • Supermarket / Food store (Less than 500m)
  • Theatre (Less than 500m)
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site (Less than 500 m)

Travellers tips (46)

Where next?

Haarlem; Lisse and Keukenhof, the largest flower garden in Europe (rent a bike in Haarlem and go cycling along rivers and tulips fields to Lisse)

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Fri 04 Apr 2014

Attraction tip

das Anne- Frank- Haus ca. 600 Meter weiter

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Sun 04 May 2014

Attraction tip

The Artis Zoo, Bike tours at the Yellow Bike Rental Store are great, the guides are really nice there. I did the countryside bike tour which is amazing, it´s 20 km long outside Amsterdam.

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Mon 12 May 2014

Where next?


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Tue 02 Sep 2014

Budget meal tip

La Place Restaurant

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Mon 22 Sep 2014