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Excellent hostel in excellent location


Avatar for Frances


Fri 24 Apr 2015

The worse experience in a HI. For me, a scaring place. Realy disapointed. NOT a reasonable place to stay.


Avatar for Marcos


Sat 13 Dec 2014

What was bad? The guest leave the hostel next day without any words. Very strange review.

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St Petersburg - Central Hostel,

Mon 15 Dec 2014

The location of the hostel is great, close to hermitage and in the main street of SP. Receptionists need a customer service training though.


Avatar for NEKANE


Tue 19 Aug 2014

+staff friendly,help-full&english-speaking -outside the house there is just a little sign "hostel" (no HI logo). Then to enter the front door downstairs you have to tip a code (sign only in russian). I thought, this couldn't be it because of the missing HI logo. It would be helpful to fix an HI logo at the front door and to write down the indication how to open the door in russian & english. negativ: I was in a room with lots of girls, who give the impression to live there (and not as tourists).


Avatar for Melanie


Tue 17 Jun 2014

This hostel should not be a part of HI. Never experienced anything like it. Defect showers, things growing in them, strong smell of urine in toilets, shabby, dirty. Location good but noisy. Bedsheets clean (holes and stains), matress comfortable. Bedroom not. Bad management. When I wanted to make sure payment covered my needs, manager threathened me (!!!) I left the next day. Paid the same price minus registration fee at the Bliss hostel, around the corner, (by Admiralteyskaya Metro station).


Avatar for Elisabeth


Fri 13 Jun 2014

most people at reception were not abel to speak english and we had to pay a registration fee, which we actually didn't uad to pay, cause of short time visit.


Avatar for Milena


Thu 29 May 2014

I had a very enjoyable experience here.


Avatar for George


Tue 07 Jan 2014

Overall happy however the receptionist's English could've beenCan better. A basic breakfast would make stay better and would be willing to pay extra (however you would need a larger kitchen).


Avatar for Rob


Sat 17 Aug 2013