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This hostel is safe and clean. The furniture and decor is modern and comfortable. In addition, the hostel is reliable because it is a public facility. The price is reasonable levels I always use this property go to Seoul. I think it is very good in many ways, one of Seoul's accommodation.


Avatar for Sangmi


Sat 28 Mar 2015

I always stay here when I go to seoul. Room is very clean and Staffs are nice. But the transportation is a little inconvenient.


Avatar for Seulbi


Sat 28 Mar 2015

Very kind


Avatar for jung


Sat 21 Mar 2015

The hostel looks more a hotel than a hostel. Very clean, professional staff, nice rooms. For me as i am traveling alone, I was missing the comfort of a common room with people to talk with. It's a very nice hostel for couples, families or groups, but for single travelers I would recommend a guesthouse.


Avatar for Lukas


Thu 12 Mar 2015

Americano fresh coffee vending machine to access 24 hours at 3rd floor lounge area or inside kitchen? Room is clean&temperature/light control is perfect,wifi is strong and fast,soap&shampoo dispenser&shower head,hair dryer work perfect. Breakfast serving menu is nutritious with KWN 7500 for good quality.


Avatar for chung


Fri 20 Feb 2015