Located in Yeongdeungpo in the heart of Seoul, HI Seoul Youth Hostel is housed in a state-of-the art building that’s more like a hotel than a hostel. It’s near to many major tourist attractions and is easily accessible via public transport.

The hostel features lovely modern dorm rooms with tables, chairs and TV, there’s free Wi-Fi throughout the whole building, a movie room, bakery and cafe, large open space lounge and a selection of fully-equipped conference rooms.

Seoul Youth Hostel runs various cultural activity programs to help you make great memories of Seoul, and nearby you can visit the local market, Times Square, one of the biggest multipurpose shopping malls in South Korea, and Hongdae, which is great for taking in the Seoul nightlife and dancing the night away.

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Very kind


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Sat 21 Mar 2015

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Barbecue, fried rice and sausage

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Thu 05 Sep 2013

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mingdong, nandamun, hongdae

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Thu 05 Sep 2013