The hostel Zonda has the most varied offer of excursions of adventure tourism, including trekking in the foothills of the Andes, climbing on natural rock in gymnasiums, and like rafting in the incomparable setting of the San Juan river, one of the best in the region for the practice of this activity. We also mountain bike tours for the excellent circuits that owns the area and one can learn (wind car) in the Pampa del Leoncito.On the other hand you can make the already Traditional circuit of the wine, a guided tour of the major wineries in the area with a tasting session, in which the participants will be able to get to know the whole process of development of the local wines,of course our proposal would be incomplete if we didn’t have the tour to the world famous park Ischigualasto, our main and most well-known tourist attraction and a favorite of visitors, what to do in San Juan?San Juan stands out for its mountains and unspoiled natural landscapes being the ideal environment for the practice of adventure tourism, which in turn is also famous for its vineyards and its winemaking tradition. Daily you can perform many visits to important wine cellars and tastings of the fine wines of the area,the city has several museums of singular importance, such as the museum of natural sciences, where are stored the fossil remains of dinosaurs found in Ischigualasto , the oldest copies discovered until today, butit is also cultural activities of great interest, such as folk festivals and symphonic concerts in the wonderful auditorium in the city.In the evening, the traveler can also enjoy Of the numerous bars, pubs and restaurants with good service and affordable prices.

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I did not stay in Zonda Hostel in San Juan! I did not manage to get in! I arrived on Dec 25 about 4 PM and nobody opened the doors, nobody was answerting phones. We had to walk with heavy luggage to the city center and get a different much more expensive hotel. I sent an email but nobody replied. I am going to inquire about it when I come back home but I am still travelling and my inbternet access is very limited. Tomasz.


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Tue 07 Jan 2014

Une auberge plutôt sympa dans l'ensemble, mais un frigo moisi et deux clients à la ronde n'en font pas un lieu à retenir. Ceci dit, le personnel est serviable.


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Tue 12 Feb 2013