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Great staff,very cooperative


Avatar for Andrea


Thu 11 Sep 2014

Une auberge pratique, un peu trop en bord de route. Pas adaptée pour une famille avec enfants, qu'une table de ping pong un peu penchée.


Avatar for SOPHIE


Sun 17 Aug 2014

This hostel is actually really nice. The service was good and our room was very nice and clean. There is nothing I could complain about. Just the location is a bit far from the city centre but you can get there without problems also with a bus.


Avatar for Juraj


Thu 24 Jul 2014

Ich musste eine Nacht auf die Sofa in die Korridor schlafen weil die Rezeptionistin hat etwas falsch gemacht und mein Bett war besetzt.


Avatar for Adrian


Tue 11 Feb 2014

Its a big hostel that looks like a hospital, its not comfy at all. The reception is only available since 5pm and the staff is very rude. We where kicked out of the hostel at 9 30 in the morning by the woman who cleans the hostel. Who didnt speak enlish and just keep showing me a paper which the receptionist wrote to her in which it was written that if we stay more than 10 we have to pay an extra night. She didnt through us out only of the room she didnt even want us to stay in the lobby. The location is more or less 20 minutes walking to the centre. You can have breackfast only at an specific time which they set if you are 20 minutes late you wont receive even a cofee. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANY PERSON TO STAY IN THIS HOSTEL


Avatar for Santiago


Wed 08 Jan 2014

sin comentarios


Avatar for Francisco Manuel

Francisco Manuel,

Fri 13 Sep 2013

Obst zum Frühstück wäre gut.


Avatar for Jürgen


Sat 31 Aug 2013

Das Frühstücksangebot könnte abwechslungsreicher sein. Ansonsten waren wir zufrieden.


Avatar for Falk


Thu 22 Aug 2013