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suggestions for improvement: a toilet seat on the toilet a bigger sign outside to find the hostel more easily


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Fri 17 Apr 2015

This hostel was a surprise, originally just a stopover however the area has a lot to offer with its Roman attractions and museums.


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Wed 17 Sep 2014

Nice hostel. The people working there are nice, but not very efficient. The lady at the reception first had to finish her shopping on the internet for 15 minutes before she helped me (but she was friendly). The next day the man running the place was to busy to borrow us the free bicycles and told us to go to the tourist office. Happens with government run places I guess.


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Thu 14 Aug 2014

A little hostel in Saintes, had a secure location for my bike, a kitchen and a clean room to sleep in. Breakfast was good too. No problems, good hostel.


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Tue 12 Aug 2014

no toilet seats!!! They were removed because' "people did disgusting things in them"... that's what they said! I'm sorry, but how can this be a cleanly hotel, when the staff removes toilet seats so they have to clean less. I was so disgusted at the collective punishment of all guests because the actions of a few. Never stay here.


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Thu 07 Aug 2014

La persona que nos atendió fue muy amable y nos ayudo a solucionar errores nuestros. Gracias!


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Jose Maria,

Mon 21 Jul 2014

L'état d'usure des matelats est un point à surveiller .Hormis cela j'ai été satisfaite de mon sejour


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Thu 13 Feb 2014

Bon séjour dans l'ensemble, malgré des sanitaires vraiment rudimentaires.


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Sat 24 Aug 2013