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J'ai aimé le cadre et sa tranquillité. L'accueil était parfait. Deux bémols : le plastique sur la literie n'est pas d'un très grand confort. Le matelas étais un peu fatigué. pas de pain avant 7h15 pour ceux qui doivent déjeuner avant 7h, la brioche Harrys n'est pas top!


Avatar for Nelly


Sun 03 May 2015

La experiencia fue fantástica. Desde mi punto de vista, lo único mejorable, sería la limpieza de los espacios compartidos, incluyendo baños y duchas. Muchas gracias. Un saludo.


Avatar for Raquel


Tue 02 Sep 2014

Members of a football club use the hostel facilities freely. Our en suite smelled strongly of urine. The self catering kitchen was not clean. No bin in the bedroom. Security was compromised as external doors were propped open. An external lock was faulty and needed oiling. Although the building has been sympathetically converted to a hostel, it is now quite shabby in the shared areas. The location is not very convenient, being in a suburb of St Brieuc, near some rather run down areas.


Avatar for Nicola


Sun 31 Aug 2014

Gute Herberge, jedoch nicht so Zentral


Avatar for Selina


Sun 31 Aug 2014

trés loin de la gare, proche du GR34


Avatar for Céline


Fri 18 Jul 2014

A superb historic building which has been carefully and cleverly converted to an impressive modern hostel. My only complaint is that it is rather far from the centre of St Brieuc and especially any cafe or restaurant, especially as I arrived rather late and everyone staying at the hostel had already had their supper. Still, I had the members' kitchen to myself, so could enjoy my leftover bread and cheese from lunch!


Avatar for Euan


Tue 06 May 2014

La cuisine aurait besoin d'être revue ,matériel de cuisson insuffisant et désuet compte tenue de la fréquentation par de groupes


Avatar for odile


Tue 03 Sep 2013

I used bus A from the train station (direction: Les villages espace commercial) to get to the hostel. I didn`t find it at the beginning and had to ask for the way but then it was easy to get there. It is a little bit far from the city center but instead it is also far from the city noise:)


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Tue 02 Jul 2013