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AMAZING all around but PARTICULARLY in the using resources and not wasting, making sure to be energy efficient and recycling and composting! By FAR one of my absolute favourites for this and for making the hostel the MOST like I run my own home.


Avatar for Amber


Thu 23 Apr 2015

Had a wonderful experience at the hostel - the staff were friendly and the security was... very secure. I had to go through three key-card access doors to get to my room, but in a good way because you know some random person from outside isn't going in and out of the building. The kitchen was clean and everyone was very respective and all the recycling bins can be a little confusing at the beginning but I know it's all for the best of the environment.


Avatar for Moeha


Tue 21 Apr 2015

Our stay was fantastic. It felt like a great hotel with a local feel.


Avatar for Isabella


Mon 20 Apr 2015

I suggest that the staff on the front desk should indicate to customers either via a badge or sign which languages they speak.


Avatar for Karl


Sun 19 Apr 2015

Fantastic hostel staff, so friendly and helpful. Great accommodation and a brilliant location, central yet not noisy. Having an ensuite bathroom was a bonus and unusual for hostel dorms. I loved the kitchen, but it would have been nice to have more cooking spaces including ovens as well as hobs. Having baskets/shelves for left over 'free food' was a nice idea. It was really easy to reach all the museums and attractions in Reykjavik from the hostel. Also very eco-friendly, nice ethos to have.


Avatar for Charlotte


Wed 15 Apr 2015

Good location. Staff (Julia) was very nice and helpful. Amenities good. Access overnight was convenient - we drove out in the middle of the night to try to get a glimpse of the aurora.


Avatar for Yang


Wed 25 Mar 2015

The hostel was one of the best I've stayed in. The double room was better than lots of cheap hotels I've stayed in and the shower was really decent. The towels were also really nice!


Avatar for Lauren


Tue 24 Mar 2015