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This is really a first-rate hostel. The try very hard to recycle, but unfortunately many hostellers just don't get it. Get hip people: The recycle bags are available in the room around the corner to the kitchen. Use them. I loved my dorm and the people who work at the hostel. My roommates were great. I can't imagine a better hostel experience. Give youself a treat: Stay here.


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Mon 11 May 2015

Best hostel I've stayed at in South America. Very clean, modern, extremely comfortable beds with nice thick duvets. Breakfast also amazing, freshly baked bread and cakes, homemade juices, eggs to order, seriously delicious. Really recommend staying here.


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Wed 22 Apr 2015

Positive points: * Good hostel with nice lounge area and VERY nice and clean bedroom with comfortable bed and bathroom. * Friendly and helpful staff. * Good breakfast with homemade bread and freshly baked eggs. * Different tours available with pick-up from hostel. Negative points: * VERY poor wifi, it took 1 day until we finally got connected and it still didn't work well at all times. * Location was a bit far from centre, but you could still walk (it would take about 15 minutes).


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Mon 15 Dec 2014

Ein Mitarbeiter konnte sehr gut Spanisch und Englisch sprechen, bei den anderen war das Englisch ein Problem. Die Zimmer waren sehr schön und sauber.


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Thu 13 Mar 2014

Ótimo hostel.


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Sun 09 Feb 2014

All is very good!!


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cecilia tomiko,

Sat 01 Feb 2014

The staff at night(a young lad) was erratic and not helpful. Seemed to be more concerned with chatting with his girlfriend on Skype than attending to customers. Didn't really spend effort in answering my enquiries on many issues. Although the quality of rooms is indeed good.


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Fri 24 Jan 2014

Hello Xiang: We are really Sorry. We make a great effort to care for all our passanger. I know exacly the Youg that stay at night and i will make sure this situation does not happend againg. The problem also it was that passangers arrive at 2 am in the night, so it was not easy to solve all the questions at tha time. Best Regards Mauricio Kusanovic

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Sun 26 Jan 2014

Simplemente, no nos pudimos alojar en el hostel. Nos dijeron al llegar, las nueve de la noche, que tenían una " no muy buena noticia" , habían cometido un error y nuestra habitación no estaba disponible. Podrían habernoslo comunicado por email, podrían habermos reservado algo, podrían haberse siquiera disculpado de forma convincente: nada. Absoluta indiferencia. Pedimos libro de reclamaciones y ! No disponen de él! Indignante. Tanto que no hemos vuelto a un hostel y aún nos queda viaje.


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Mon 23 Dec 2013

Estimados: De verdad lo sentimos mucho. Durante esas fechas tuvimos problemas con los sismtemas y lamentablemente estabamos llenos. Tratamos de evitar este tipo de errores y les aseguro que ya no suceden. Es 100% nuestra responsabilidad y nuevamente le entregamos las disculpas y le aseguramos a los pasajeros futuros que no sucederá nuevamente. PUeden ver nuestros comentarios en Tripadvisor y somos de los mejores hostales de CHile. Espero confien en nosotros. Saluda Atte Mauricio Kusanovic

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Wed 25 Dec 2013