This lovely guest house is situated on the Poriya Mountainside, approximately 6km south of Tiberias, facing the Sea of Galilee.

Poriya hostel offers a special kind of accommodation with 22 wooden cabins of a high standard, including a refrigerator, TV and coffee-making set. In addition, there is a central building with 36 stylish rooms designed according to international youth hostel standards, including air conditioning, a shower and bathroom. Free Wi-Fi is available.

The dining room seats 220 and a healthy breakfast is included in the price. Additional meals (including packaged meals) can be ordered in advance. Food is Kosher. For cabin reservations please contact the guest house directly.

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  • Relaxing
  • Sightseeing
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Die Lage, der Blick... Einfach klasse! Das Hostel ist modern, sauber, komfortabel, das Buffet gut und reichlich... Was will man mehr? Ach ja, der tägliche Wind ab 15 h könnte ein bisschen schwächer sein. ;)


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Tue 23 Jun 2015