Located in the centre of Plzeň, near the Radbuza River, Hostel River offers budget accommodation in the town of a popular Pilsner Urquell beer.

The hostel facilities include a self-catering kitchen, a laundry, Internet access and a backyard garden with barbecue area.

Hostel River is located near the Winter Stadium, Pilsner Urquell brewery and Brewery Museum where you can experience the story of this legendary beer. The main square that boasts various restaurants, pubs, bars and music clubs is just a 10-minute walk from the hostel. If you feel like being more active, enjoy the scenic views on a bike along the river.

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It's VERY BAD! The hostel is wired, the host always not there and it feels dark and empty.There is no hot water and the shower even broken. The place is near train station and old town, but the aera is feel not safety! The wifi is ok at kitchen but weak at room. 非常不推薦!旅舍很冷清感覺不太維護,老闆總是不見蹤影,甚至check-in還睡過頭,需要靠打掃阿姨打電話才聯絡的上。浴室水龍頭壞了、沒有熱水,熱水瓶很髒不敢用,網路在廚房還行但回房間就很弱。地點距離景點與火車站近,但這區域感覺出入複雜,若是獨行的女性要特別注意安全!我當天運氣不好,遇到喝醉的房客,甚至在旅舍上廁所都被騷擾…一直狂敲門…很可怕!整體住的感覺很差…


Avatar for Po-Ying


Wed 17 Jun 2015

Wir hatten ein Familienzimmer mit Dusche. Schön war, dass es eine Galerie gab. Also drei Betten unten und 2 eine Treppe nach oben.


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Mon 01 Jun 2015