Me Mates Place has been the top rated hostel in Phnom Penh for 3 years consecutively. Services and facilities include high speed WiFi, comfy beds, western showers (high pressured and steaming hot), free access to a nice chill out pool about 200m down the road, fluffy super clean linen, and a taste of real Cambodian culture with our wonderful staff.

Me Mates Place was built as a business where we could recruit young adults, develop them, educate them and most importantly teach them how to chase they're dreams. The staff here, if you let them, will become great friends with you, and encourage you to experience real Khmer culture NO STRINGS ATTACHED. South East Asia is notorious for people trying to make a buck off you. I guarantee you at Me Mates the staff genuinely want to be your friend!

Exactly like the name., **ALL ROOMS ARE EQUIPPED WITH A/C & HOT WATER**

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The shared bathroom was not clean - the drain was blocked in the shower and the bathmat was grubby. It's really not nice to stand ankle deep in water from a blocked drain. I was disappointed.


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Mon 09 Mar 2015

The hostel staff were lovely - friendly and helpful, but their level of English was very low and it led to a number of miscommunications, such as: The hostel e-mail to say that they would arrange for someone to meet me at the airport with a tuktuk and wait with my name displayed. I waited for half and hour and no one appeared, so I arranged alternative transport.


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Fri 27 Feb 2015