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Great hostel on a great location a 15 minute walk from Hvitserkur, the offshore rock on the 2015 Iceland HI brochure.


Avatar for Boyce


Thu 07 May 2015

Pas facile d'acces en petite voiture ( 30km de route assez escamoté) mais lieu complètement et très dépaysant, on y a vue notre 1 ère aurore boréal , balade matinale au bord de mer avec les phoques et les moutons vraiment agréable !


Avatar for cedric


Fri 24 Oct 2014

Gorgeous views, friendly service, warm and cozy. I was here in mid-October so the hostel was quite empty, but I feel like in the high season the one toilet/one shower situation might be trying! Other than that consideration it was a wonderful place to stay, with a lovely walk down to the beach in the morning sun and snow (in October there are no terns!).


Avatar for Jessie


Tue 21 Oct 2014

Kitchen needs a thorough clean and upgrade.


Avatar for Ian


Wed 08 Oct 2014

The Hostel is well situated if you want to see the peninsula and the seals, quite big and warm, kitchen is good maintained and the owner lives and work next to the hostel so is really easy to contact him. There is literally nothing around to buy food, so bring it with you before, otherwise you will have to drive back 45 minutes to be able to buy something. The road leading to the hostel is a non paved one, but quite well maintained, despite of some trams.


Avatar for Fernando


Wed 24 Sep 2014

direclty at the seales loolout. We had a nice big Family room.


Avatar for Christiane


Mon 22 Sep 2014

The location of the hostel is just perfect - a few metres away from the Greenland Sea. It takes only a few minutes walk to go to the beach and see the seals, who come to see you. An amazing experience!


Avatar for Laura


Wed 03 Sep 2014

The cottage we had been assigned would potentially house 9 people. However, it was at best possible to cook / eat with 4 people at a time because there is only enough crockery / cutlery for 4 people. Also, the cottage was in an overall rather poor condition with window frames and handles nearly falling off, the front door only closing with the help of a broom handle - others used kicks with their feet I presume by looking at the state of the door. The 2-bed rooms were o.k. not so the 5-bed room.


Avatar for Thomas


Sat 30 Aug 2014