Osaka International Youth Hostel the most closest Youth Hostel from the Kansai International Airport. It takes about 30min. by train. It is located south part of Osaka and takes about 15 min. train ride from the heart of the city and from the station, it takes about 15 min. on foot. There are not only accommodation facilities, but also some seminar rooms, gymnasium, and BBQ area abutting on the youth hostel., Osaka International Youth Hostel is in a big park, named Hamadera Park. In the park, there are a lot of pinewoods and a canal is running beside the park. Our youth hostel is surrounded by nature even though Osaka is the second largest city in Japan and our guests can spend their own leisure time freely and easily around our youth hostel.

*We provide our guests not only dormitory rooms, but also private rooms (twin room and Japanese room). On the, you can book only dormitory rooms. If you want to stay in a private room, please make direct contact with us.

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I liked the location, on a nice park, room with a view of the canal, around 30mins from Kansai airport by train, pool nearby, 10min walk from the train station, supermarket & takoyaki shop nearby. The bed curtains were a nice touch to the rooms. The public bath was greatly appreciated after a long day of walking & sight seeing around Osaka and I had it all to myself every night during my 4 night stay. I disliked the 11pm curfew. I had to let some guests in after the curfew on two occasions.


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Sat 25 Jul 2015

I didn't like my stay, I'm sorry. The room was ice cold and took 2 hours to get warm, the way to the hostel was not described very well. I paid for the train and only found out later that there is a JR train (no cost with the railpass) going there as well. The staff was nice but I didn't feel too welcome.


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Wed 14 Jan 2015