Oostende is called "the queen of cities at the sea". It is the biggest city at the Belgian coast & has a lot to offer to visitors f.eks. museums, shops, restaurants. The hostel is located only 300m away from the beach. You can visit the "Mercator" - a former trainingvessel (sailing) from the Belgian navy or wander around looking at the yachts. Guided tours by the Marine Ecological centre can be booked through the hostel.

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It is impossible to open a window, so it is very warm and stuffy during the night.


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Fri 08 Jan 2016

The staff was professional and friendly and polite. There was breakfast everyday, free wifi and much information provided at the front lobby. I liked the use of the card to control door lock and lighting in dorm, very high tech. It was also located close to the attractions I wanted to visit. A very good hostel.


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Fri 11 Dec 2015

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Je schlimmer und kleiner die Lokalitäten aussehen desto besser und günstiger ist das essen

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Thu 07 May 2015

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Thu 07 May 2015