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It was fine. The hostel is a little remote though. Not a bad place.


Avatar for Timothy


Thu 19 Mar 2015

The room had mold...in the bathroom ..(shower)...in the wall touching the bed...some renovations are needed in the building...wifi non exists in the 4th floor...I had to go down to the 3rd or 1st for a not so strong wifi signal.


Avatar for Luis Alberto

Luis Alberto,

Sat 14 Jun 2014

This hostel offers the basics. Nothing extra. The staff has limited English. There are NO extras like trips planned to the acrobats or opera. YOu have to do it all on your own, if you can. Also there is no food available, no morning coffee. You have to get food on you own outside on the streets, restaurants which is not a problem but also not necessarily convenient. No heat in the pool table area or TV area - so not conducive to gathering or meeting people.


Avatar for Karol


Sat 22 Feb 2014

Wonderful place and location.


Avatar for Jennifer


Tue 18 Feb 2014

Los empleados son unos bordes increíbles que no te facilitan nada la estancia. Todas las mañanas nos despertaba un niño pequeño no más de 3 años llorando y entiendo que el adulto a su cuidado pegando voces (a las 7 de la mañana¡¡:3¡¡¡) En las condiciones de la reserva pone que bajo ningún concepto se admitirán niños menores de 5 años, pues en la habitación contigua había dos y con ganas de madrugar todos los días. Horrible, debería sacarlo de la red de hihostel.


Avatar for Deseada


Mon 06 Jan 2014

Die Fotos auf der Hihostel Homepage sind veraltet. DIe Infrastruktur im Hostel war auch veraltet und bräuchte eine Auffrischung. Das Badezimmer zum Beispiel war rostig.


Avatar for Anina


Fri 27 Sep 2013

Une auberge intéressante dans un quartier authentique de Shanghai qui n'a pas encore été transformé. Cependant ne pas espérer de conditions de confort ou de propreté exceptionnelles. An interesting hostel in one of the last areas on the old Shanghai that haven't yet been forcefully modernised. However, the comfort and cleanliness can certainly be improved.


Avatar for fabian


Fri 20 Sep 2013