Nukabira - Higashidaisetsu Nukabira YH is surrounded by trees and lakes in Daisetsuzan National Park. Nukabira Onsen-kyo (hot spring village) is in the centre of Hokkaido.

Nukabira Hostel offers a variety of facilities including; a common room, laundry facilities, Internet access and luggage store.

Nukabira Hostel offers a variety of activities depending on the season. Take part in fun outings such as cycling tours, canoeing in Lake Shikaribetsu, hiking trips around Mount Daisestu, ice-fishing, skiing and snowboarding.

What travellers think


Owners are very kind, and breakfasts and dinners are delicious. They took me to an outside onsen on the evening, and it was a great experiment.


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Tue 28 May 2013