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The personel was very helpful. The parking place is an extra plus. The green surroundings are nice. The whole building is in good shape and airy, spacious. Nice garden. Excellent breakfast.


Avatar for Birgit


Sun 10 May 2015

Very strict rules: breakfast served until 9am, check out until 9.30am. And closing at midnight during Oktoberfest; for security of guests, they say.... but it is so far from Oktorberfest! 30 min of underground + 30 min on foot. As a result, to stay easy, you have to leave Munich at 10! It isn't clear when (and if) rooms are cleaned.


Avatar for Francesco


Mon 13 Oct 2014

Not to far from Munich and very near a concentration camp this hostel is perfect for tourist looking to do the major sights of the area. Price is good as well even during Octoberfest, not the cheapest price but not out ravenous either.


Avatar for Dylan


Tue 07 Oct 2014

We were trying to stay in Munich but it was all booked so staying in Dachau. Unfortunately between the bus and train it took about an hour to bet to the city center. The buses stopped running at 8pm and that left us few options but to spend time in our room. It became clear that the hostel was for large groups and we instantly felt out of place. If looking to host a large group with seminars it's the perfect place but not for the leisure small groups. Need better bus info.


Avatar for Kara


Fri 25 Jul 2014

there is good for relaxing. :)


Avatar for JAEYEON


Tue 22 Jul 2014

Great hostel, with a great and friendly staff. My room was spacious and clean, and the common areas were very good. The structure, with meeting rooms, night bar, a big restaurant and laundry was also very good. The only negative thing I can say is the location, since it is a little bit far from Munich, which was the city I wanted to know more. Besides that, one of the best hostels I have ever been. Even better than some hotels.


Avatar for Claudio


Fri 18 Jul 2014

Very quiet enviroment. But if young students stay there, you/staff have to tell them to be quiete after 10 in the evening so that everyone can sleep well.


Avatar for KUNIO


Sat 10 May 2014

The staffs were really very nice. I can say this is the best hostel that I have stayed!


Avatar for Liu


Thu 01 May 2014